Monday, April 21, 2014

Recap Monday

Howdy!  Tidbits of my weekend! Here's the long story short...

Early Start

Got a nice early start to my Friday/weekend.  We closed at noon. Go ahead, Praise Him!  I was able to quickly run over to Macy's where the MAC lady was kind enough to HOLD the Red Balloon lipstick I wanted.  She's a beauty! Went over to Portillos and had some lunch!  Sadly, going in, it was so YUMMY, coming out... not so much. LOL  We ran a couple errands one of which involved me getting a beautiful striped summer dress at a STEAL of a price!  Oh, Mr. Hubs also scored a Michael Kors button up on clearance for 16 bucks! Praise Him again!

Such Love He Has For Me

Service was WONDERFUL and BEAUTIFUL on Good Friday.  Its always so refreshing to my soul/spirit to know that everyone across the globe is teaching the same story. The Life and Death of Christ.  I love how detailed the sermon gets, how we have the honor of hearing about the most beautiful love story ever known to mankind.  We ended our service on a tiny hilltop, take a look.

Buy Me Some Peanuts and Cracker Jacks

We celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary by attending a Chicago Cubs game.  In the words of Doug Heffernan "it don't get no better than this... no it don't"  Cubs won 8-4  enough said!  Oh we also finished the night at La Parilla again, well, because it was good last time! (Mr. Hubs said "where's the beef avocado?")


Easter Sunday, Its a Wrap

Perfect.  Service was beautiful. Sermon was just lovely.  My eyes always well up at the thought of the beating Christ endured for me (YOU). I'm thankful that He never gave up. Because of Him I have life, freedom, love and so much more.  We visited my parents (which is always fun), watched the Cubs game and called it a night!

How was your weekend?

Lastly, look!!! Look what I'm wearing to work today!

You know what this has me singing? Tom Pettys "Cause I'm Free, Free Fallin!"  Although tomorrow I may be back in boots. Oh, well, let my piggies enjoy the day out today! LOL

The More You Know:

  • The Nutribullet is calling me out.  I will be a proud owner of the Nutribullet.  Yup i'm excited! Do you own one? 
  • Ran into an old acquaintance at the train station this morning. Its always "scary" running into someone you haven't seen in 12 YEARS!  But hey I got an "WOW YOU LOOK GREAT, YOU LOOK THE SAME!"  Let's just say "Mama had an extra pep in her step" after that! LOL
  • DWTS is on tonight! I failed to vote last week, so I hope none of my faves go home.  Yes my vote COUNTS! LOL

Until the next one...


Friday, April 18, 2014

5 For 5 Friday: My Top Friday Favorites #7

Howdy!  Longest. Week. Ever.  All week long I was one day ahead of myself and that just threw my entire week off!  Long story short, here's my top cinco!

1.  Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation: I should update this post to reflect the shade I currently use (857 Golden Tan ).  This foundation most definitely oxidizes which is why I had to make the switch. Otherwise everything mentioned on the previous post still stands! Great foundation! (Cost: $9.99-$12.99)

2.  YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick: Good grief!  First let me preface by saying, this is nothing but a LUXURY lippy with gorgeous packaging!  I know boo!  I've always had my eye on this lipstick and would occasionally try it on at Sephora, but the $35.00 price tag  had me saying "baby bye!"  Yet one random day my beautiful friend Diane, was at Costco and sends me a picture text of the ENTIRE collection/shade range of YSL Rouge Volupte!  YES PLEASE! Needless to say a text frenzy of color swatches began and before you know it, she was at the checkout line with my Nude Beige!  Thanks friend! I absolutely love this lipstick and couldn't be happier with it/price! SCORE! (Costco: $25.99)

3.  Urban Decay Glide-On Lip Pencil (Color: Naked): I've been pairing this with the above fave/lipstick and its just FLAWLESS.  It helps give the nude color some "ummppff!"  A lipliner is simply just that to me... LIPLINER!  Nothing special.  Yet, when I saw these at my local Nordstrom's Rack for $3.47, I quickly snagged 3! "Don't mind if I do" (Cost: $20.00 yup for something you SHARPEN, but for $3 dollars and some change, "pass the toilet paper sharpener")

4.  Maybelline Fit Me Concealer: I like to mix it up a bit, and since Saturday, I've been using this as my "base/highlighting" concealer.  I love how soft and blendable this concealer is.  Now, I wouldn't and couldn't use this as my sole concealer... as it does NOTHING for me, not to mention the lasting power on its own is no bueno (on me!).  It works best on me as a brightening and layering concealer! Snag it now if its something you've been wanting to try, Maybelline is currently 40% off at Ulta!  (Cost: $6.99 on sale NOW for $4.19)

5.Sonia Kashuk Powder Brush: This brush was part of some LE set which I scored on clearance for 8 bucks!  Yes! An entire set of about 8-10 brushes (its been a while and my memory seems to be on delay this morning).  I've been using this soft, well crafted, CUTE brush to apply my blush and, well, effortless! (Sonia Kashuk is found exclusively at Target)

L-R: Urban Decay Naked Lipliner, Maybelline Fit Me Concealer #25 Medium and YSL Rouge Volupte in Nude Beige
Bottom: Covergirl 3-in-1 Foundation 857 Golden Tan

Today, (and everyday) I am reminded that I am worthy, that YOU are worthy.  On a day like today over two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ gave His LIFE as a randsom so that I (YOU) may live.  Happy Good Friday all.  I pray for a wonderful time of remembrance!  I am Free, because HE set me FREE!

Still wearing BOOTS darn it!  However, I have been enjoying and loving the heck out of my 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target Scarf!  Isn't she pretty? Prefect for 40-60 degree weather!


The More You Know:

  • Scandal, what can I say?  I literally stop breathing  between 9:29pm -10:00pm last night!  If you're not a gladiator you should be!  Don't know what I'm talking about??  Watch Scandal!  P.S. YOUR WELCOME! LOL
  • Mr. Hubs and I are celebrating our 8 years and STRONGER wedding anniversary this weekend!  God... thank you.
  • I gave up on MAC Collections YEARS ago (them for the birds). Yet, I would like to get my hands on the Red Balloon lipstick.  Sold. out. everywhere. 

Friday, April 11, 2014

5 For 5 Friday: My Top 5 Friday Favorites #6

Howdy!  This week kinda flew, but kinda didn't.  Make sense?  I thought so. :-)  Alright, so here's the long story short, top cinco...

  1. Spotify: Just recently Mr. Hubs told me that you can now listen to Spotify via your phone for FREE! Come again?!  Did I just say FREE!? YES YES YES!!!  I love how you can listen to your favorite artist and select from any of their albums, and listen to its entirety, unlike Pandora that plays "alike" music.  You know what that means right? I've been listening to some Toni Braxton non-stop!  I absolutely adore her and remember buying her cassettes the minute she dropped a new album!  Big Toni B. fan! 

2.  Clinique True Bronze Pressed Bronzer: I tend to love this blush bronzer ALL year around, however, come spring/summer I reach for it more. I actually don't use this as bronzer... i use it as a blush! It adds the prettiest tan/sheen color to my skin!  I especially love to wear it when i have color back in my life skin. Click here to read my full review.

3. MLB Chicago Cubs: I'm elated, happy, happy joy-joy elated! Baseball season is finally here!  Grew up watching the Cubs game at home while being surrounded by parents/primos/bro that love the sport, especially the Chicago Cubs.  They taught me you're a Cubs fan through the good, bad, ugly, disappointment, frustration... eehhh you get my drift here right? No matter what!  LOL needless to say, i'm in baseball heaven! So all you "haters" just keep on hating! ;-)

4.  Urban Decay Naked3: Call me creature of habit, but I'm STILL using and LOVING the heck out of this palette! It was in my past 5for5!  I just had to add it again to show you how much i enjoy it! One pic two faves... (Eyes: Naked3, Earrings...)

5. Michael Kors Whisper Medium Hoop Earrings: It took me a LONG time to embrace something that wasn't a stud on my ear! LOL (yup, CHANGE) At any rate, I wore these pretty much ALL week!  They're super lightweight and you can barely feel them on your ears!  At first i found them to be a little big, but the more i wore them, the more i enjoyed how different they are compared to my studs. (Cost: $55.00, but don't trip, mine were a gift and they were purchased on SALE!)

Special Shoutout

I want to thank my friends Mari, Cam, Vasti, Ev, Mel and my SIL Di for sending me such positive feedback on yesterdays post. Its kinda hard for me to make myself vulnerable, so hearing back from you means everything! Thanks! Love you!

So what were you loving this week?  Share below!

Shoes of the day: cuffed jeans and TOMS! Feels great!

The More You Know:
  • I swear Shonda Rhimes, sleeps... NEVER! Scandal was everything last night!
  • Having breakfast w/the fam tomorrow morning, to celebrate my Dad's birthday!
  • Currently dipping my plain bagel into my cafe. PR style! LOL
  • Tomorrow's high: 70.  Chicago Peeps are gonna act a straight fool!