Friday, April 11, 2014

5 For 5 Friday: My Top 5 Friday Favorites #6

Howdy!  This week kinda flew, but kinda didn't.  Make sense?  I thought so. :-)  Alright, so here's the long story short, top cinco...

  1. Spotify: Just recently Mr. Hubs told me that you can now listen to Spotify via your phone for FREE! Come again?!  Did I just say FREE!? YES YES YES!!!  I love how you can listen to your favorite artist and select from any of their albums, and listen to its entirety, unlike Pandora that plays "alike" music.  You know what that means right? I've been listening to some Toni Braxton non-stop!  I absolutely adore her and remember buying her cassettes the minute she dropped a new album!  Big Toni B. fan! 

2.  Clinique True Bronze Pressed Bronzer: I tend to love this blush bronzer ALL year around, however, come spring/summer I reach for it more. I actually don't use this as bronzer... i use it as a blush! It adds the prettiest tan/sheen color to my skin!  I especially love to wear it when i have color back in my life skin. Click here to read my full review.

3. MLB Chicago Cubs: I'm elated, happy, happy joy-joy elated! Baseball season is finally here!  Grew up watching the Cubs game at home while being surrounded by parents/primos/bro that love the sport, especially the Chicago Cubs.  They taught me you're a Cubs fan through the good, bad, ugly, disappointment, frustration... eehhh you get my drift here right? No matter what!  LOL needless to say, i'm in baseball heaven! So all you "haters" just keep on hating! ;-)

4.  Urban Decay Naked3: Call me creature of habit, but I'm STILL using and LOVING the heck out of this palette! It was in my past 5for5!  I just had to add it again to show you how much i enjoy it! One pic two faves... (Eyes: Naked3, Earrings...)

5. Michael Kors Whisper Medium Hoop Earrings: It took me a LONG time to embrace something that wasn't a stud on my ear! LOL (yup, CHANGE) At any rate, I wore these pretty much ALL week!  They're super lightweight and you can barely feel them on your ears!  At first i found them to be a little big, but the more i wore them, the more i enjoyed how different they are compared to my studs. (Cost: $55.00, but don't trip, mine were a gift and they were purchased on SALE!)

Special Shoutout

I want to thank my friends Mari, Cam, Vasti, Ev, Mel and my SIL Di for sending me such positive feedback on yesterdays post. Its kinda hard for me to make myself vulnerable, so hearing back from you means everything! Thanks! Love you!

So what were you loving this week?  Share below!

Shoes of the day: cuffed jeans and TOMS! Feels great!

The More You Know:
  • I swear Shonda Rhimes, sleeps... NEVER! Scandal was everything last night!
  • Having breakfast w/the fam tomorrow morning, to celebrate my Dad's birthday!
  • Currently dipping my plain bagel into my cafe. PR style! LOL
  • Tomorrow's high: 70.  Chicago Peeps are gonna act a straight fool!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

But Does it Really Matter? Devo #1

Howdy!  A rather different post here, hope you enjoy it, especially my married friends!  Ready? Here's the Long story, short...

Let me explain. Its not what it looks like.

So you see when we moved into our Condo quite some years ago, I brought along this cute little metal/wire basket with a plan in mind. I had schemed a genius plan (Bha-ha-ha) that this cute little basket would be the "home" and centralized location that will house all of our everyday items. Brilliant, I know! LOL Take a closer look.  You will find Koko's leash, my sunglasses, keys and things of that nature. Comprende?  This nifty great idea was to serve one purpose, one useful purpose.  Yet little did I know, my genius basket plan would taunt, yet free me, at the same time! LOL

But first, before we move further, take a closer look at the picture.  Do you see what I see?  Yup.  That's right.  You see things that are meant to be in the basket actually surround the basket. LOL  Go ahead laugh, because it is now Leslie and even Mr. Hubs can laugh.  LOL


My OCD would kick into high gear every time I noticed the "decorations" around my the basket.  You know, the one I concocted and created a blueprint for! I couldn't help but question, where my "genius" plan had failed.  Faulty? Mr. Hubs wasn't using my basket "according to plan," instead he thought it was best to place stuff around the basket.  As you would imagine this would turn into a debate session.  One where Mr. Hubs and I had valid points as to why it was OR wasn't a big deal!

So who won?

We both did.  I learned that allowing something so SMALL take full control of my feelings and actions created a heated debate. One that we would go back and forth for years. Yes years!  I allowed the basket to dictate how I would set the mood for that evening, because I purposely LOOKED to see if the items were placed in the basket. Why? Because I had this compulsive need to see things in their place!  I soon realized that no good came from my "brilliant" plan.  Yet in the midst of it all, little did i know, God was teaching me a very important lesson. (One that I continue to learn from)

Freedom. Grateful.

I'm free from the dictator (aka Basket) that once set the mood for my evening/marriage.  I'm quickly reminded that my husband is healthy, home and not laid up in some hospital bed or worse 6 feet under. With so much tragedy in the world, as recent as the stabbing spree in Pennsylvania, Fort Hood Shooting, Missing, Malaysia Airplane, 8.2 Earthquake Strikes Chile, and sadly so much more, it definitely has a tune of perspectiveness, wouldn't you agree?

Nowadays, I look at the items surrounding the basket and smile. I smile because now its an indicator to me that my husband is at "home sweet home."   Its no longer important to me if its IN or OUT the basket (ehhh alright SOMETIMES, but it doesn't affect me anymore I promise) depending on my mood, i'll either dump it in the basket or leave it there, because after all it's its in the same area/centralized location, in fact ladies, its right next to it!  And that's close enough for me!

I know what you're thinking... so what did Mr. Hubs learn from all this?  Well, that I'm a compulsive neat freak, that needs things in their respective place. LOL He too learned that the little things, such as this can chip away at our your marriage causing unnecessary frustration.  Jesus, marriage, life are far more BIGGER than some "basket plan." LOL

He too realized how helpful it is to have things in their respective place(s) because the chances of you "losing" it, is slim to none and well, me? Yeah, I realized that its ok to live on the edge and not be so tidy! You won't believe how liberating it is, not to have something so TINY control your every thought OUT of my mind... FREEDOM!

Your's may not be the "basket plan" but  perhaps you can relate to this excerpt from Lysa's book...

Does it really matter that he sometimes leaves the toilet seat up?  Does it really matter that he sets his dirty dinner plate on the counter beside the sink instead of rinsing and putting it away in the dishwasher?  Does it really matter that we have differing opinions on this matter or that matter? The little things that we sometimes let chip away at our marriage would quickly fade if we kept the perspective that we've been blessed with today but are never guaranteed tomorrow.

-Capture His Heart by Lysa TerKeurst

Now, ask yourself... Does it really matter?

Matthew 6: 34
Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Ephesians 4:2
Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.

The More You Know:

  • It was kinda hard to publish this post, but God knows why, to Him be all the Glory. I hope it was relatable, and blessed your life.
  • Mr. Hubs, Koko and myself went on a nice walk yesterday with no JACKETS!
  • Cubs had a fantastic winning-game last night! 
  • My hair is rather fluffy today. There has to be something in the air. LOL

Until the next one...


Monday, April 7, 2014

Foodie Ramble Post

Howdy!  Indeed it was a pretty low key weekend for me and I couldn't be more pleased!  Long story, short...

Out with the OLD in with the NEW

Friday night date night with Mr. Hubs.  We decided to try a new Colombian restaurant as oppose to the one we've loved for years!  We utterly enjoyed it!  We loved the music, crowd, service, location, modern deco, PRICE and most of all the FOOD! It was delicious! Its safe to say we won't be returning to our once beloved Colombian spot!

Top: My Plate
Bottom: Mr. Hubs Plate

Pinterest and a Breakfast Casserole

A really good friend of mine, that i've known since high school came over for breakfast on Saturday.  I promise you, its insane how much alike we are (its annoying yet awesome at the same time)!!  I decided to make something "different" and fun for the both of us, so my Pinterest search began a few days prior with much success!  At least that's what she said!  It was a breakfast extravaganza with paper cups and all! LOL (I tweaked and made the recipe my own).

Before and After

The After, After 

That's All Folks!

How was your weekend?  And NO my weekend didn't consist of stuffing my face!  Hello snippet post(s) of my life. Mira contra! LOL

The More You Know:

  • Purchased a beautiful Maxi Skirt at Target over the weekend and saved plenty with tons of coupons and cartwheel savings!
  • The Chicago Cubs lost and won games this weekend.  MLB is upon us.  This makes me so happy!
  • I almost didn't post today, but I don't want to get into the habit of disappearing for MONTHS on end!
  • Had the groomers trim Koko a little shorter this time around.  I'm kinda regretting it.  My dad says he looks like a "salchicha" WAAAA! Wont happen again! (dang you CHANGE!)